From Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves to Dictators, Gymnasts and Orphans – Photos of Romanians

One can simply sympathize with the trouble of Alexandra Toma, described in 2005 by the Romanian each day Jurnalul Nationwide as "the one Romanian political advisor to international coverage within the US Congress "(in response to the article, for the reason that starting of 2005, she labored for Stephen Lynch workers (Democrat, Massachusetts)):

In America, Romanian" orphans "are well-known. Everybody asks me about them. That's all they know. Simply orphans, Ceausescu and Dracula. These are three questions I at all times ask. "Romanian orphans" are at all times on TV. (Ana-Maria Luca, "O romanca la Capitol Hill [A Roman Girl on Capitol Hill]", Jurnalul Nationwide, February 25, 2005, on-line model).

Variants Alexandra Toma is just not distinctive. Alexandra Diaconu wrote a beautiful article referred to as "Cum ne vindem tara (how we promote our nation)" – the title may presumably have been performed on the well-known track of alarming miners in June 1990, the place the nation turned recognized within the worldwide consciousness, due to the tv sequence of untamed "The Balkans" cruelty and chaos. (The miners flooded the streets of Bucharest and shouted "Nu ne vindem tara", that’s, "We don’t promote [out] our nation.") Diaconu noticed:

Whenever you say France, few phrases mechanically come to thoughts : wine, perfumes, refinement, Paris, Eiffel Tower, Louvre and the checklist continues. Whenever you say Italy: "La dolce vita [the good life]," Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Pavarotti, Milan and vogue, Colosseum, Venice or [Leaning] Tower of Pisa. When others discuss Romania, although they’ve heard about us, they to begin with consider Dracula, Ceausescu, Nadia, road youngsters, corruption, immigrants, and even worse imaginary Romanian terrorists nonetheless showing within the publish 1990 American movies CallingAkab! The newest model of the "OrwellianPositiveOrwellian" ProsecutorVinence Marketing campaign for SpaceCommunityAugust1989 "on /pubs/Voineaswar091706.html].
… Romania has no picture points 15 years in the past, it has turn into one thing of a nationwide refusal repeatedly repeated by politicians in electoral campaigns, with elite cultural points, when international media criticize us when any foreigner confuses Bucharest with Budapest o g when our athletes come from worldwide competitions with common scores. [Diaconu, Evenimentul Zilei, 5 June 2005, online edition]

Touch upon the traits of Diaconu appears to be like right here earlier than transferring on. Budapest-Budapest confusion, which is at the very least comprehensible at the very least due to the similarity of two capital names in English and plenty of languages, is infinitely annoying for each Hungarians and Romanians and regional specialists – who really feel insulted and powerless to acquire international ignorance of what’s easy however nice distinction. And it issues … to the purpose of getting the potential to contribute to the struggling of individuals nationwide and between international locations. When US Staff Captain Dennis Ralston was launched to the Davis Cup in 1972 in Bucharest, after the English reporter referred to as "Noise, the Most Horrible, the Most Wonderful and the Most Passionate Contest within the Davis Cup Contest Historical past," Ralston stated gratefully "and # 39, good individuals in Budapest for his or her kindness and talked concerning the reminiscences that the US group would take again with that sporting occasion in Budapest … [that this] "well-known victory means Budapest will ceaselessly be remembered by American tennis" (Keating, The Guardian, 11 / 28/97). In fact, this error shouldn’t have been a bit as a result of the English information supplier reported one match that "the strains had been like get together members and the group and with armed guards across the court docket, the choose's efforts to recuperate the convenience of honest play had been nailed by an superior political ambiance. , "whereas the American participant, Stan Smith, stated:" I’ve by no means been comfortable to be out of court docket. Each discipline supervisor appears to be getting ready sub-machinegun and together with his eyes within the eyes of the safety forces is undecided and prepared. "

Lastly, the signs of Roman Europeans settled in america and People who’ve spent a very long time in Romania. "What do you see People once they take a look at Romanian?" Andrei Codrescu asks an outsider's falsehood. "Three issues: Dracula, Eugene Ionesco and Nadia Comaneci. In different phrases, intercourse, ridiculous and gymnastics" (p. 42) (Ileana Florentina Popa, "Cultural photos: From Dracula's Delusion to Up to date Diasporic Manufacturing," VCU essay , web page 77, Could 2006, at [ /].). In different phrases, mainly the plot of the Seinfeld episode that launched this paper!)

Which means of Romania: Past "The Backside of Heap"

That Romania's picture or "model" is just not purely political politically And subsequently, a deliberate situation has been more and more realized by those that are a matter of enterprise, the fact of life, fairly than a query of a dangerous recreation. "The picture of Romania" has even listened to BRANDING website- [] – to debate the problems of constructing, deconstructing and rebuilding stereotypes. On June 24, 2005, Corin Chiriac obtained the ball to roll by asking posters about their notion of "stereotypes of Romania and Romania." The next instance was spoken about sparks:

Individuals and characters: Ceausescu, Dracula, Nadia Comaneci, Hagi [famous soccer player] and ethnographer.

Properties and behaviors: Sa Moara capra vecinului [screw your neighbor] founder [poor organization] (strains and particularly poorly fashioned strains, ignore scheduled time), lack of respect for guidelines (reduce in entrance of the road)

Occasions: The 1989 Revolution, Cerbul de aur [annual Brasov-based talent show] mineriadele [referencing the five brutal journeys of the miners towards Bucharest in 1990, 1991, and 1999]

Locations: Bucharest, Danube Delta, Prahova Valley (Predeal, Sinaia), Sphinxul


Monuments or buildings: Casa Poporului [Ceausescu's “House of the People” monstrosity] Resort Intercontinental, Abbey of Bucovina, Bran Fort.

The location is partly printed for brand spanking new reflections on the "which means of the Romanian picture" in Russian media which can be scarce in quest of the scenario and extra in quest of options. On October 25, 2005, Mihai Ghyka wrote an article entitled "The Which means of Romania – a Ship that Fell within the Pier" within the each day Gandul that he stated:

Romania – the Southern. Romania – the nation with disabled orphans. Romania-spoiled and soiled land. Romania – a rustic missing in civilization. Whether or not we take a look at them, these are the commonest organizations that come into the minds of foreigners when requested what they learn about Romania. In higher than 15 years, the picture of Romania on the planet has been by accident separated.

Lately, Romania has spent an annual funds of 20 million euros, contributing to random tourism, Brancusi [famous sculptor] Romanian merchandise, Enescu Pageant and various enterprise. Every minister offered his actions as finest he knew how, himself. (Mihai Ghyka, "Branding Romania – vaporul scufundat in port," Gandul, October 25, 2005.)

Really fascinating and intuitive reflection on all of this was expressed on the positioning's model on February three, 2006 beneath the title "Rights to mark ":

Ranging from zero" Romania has so many issues by way of reasoning that will probably be tough to create a report, "stated Valeriu Turcan, the president of the Authorities of Authorities Methods, a spearheading trademark of the Romanian marketing campaign. "The distinction between Romania and different international locations is that the Communist previous and its expertise simply after 1989 had been far more adverse and visual in Western media in comparison with others." Turcan cites "Mineriade", the place miners traveled to Bucharest to interrupt up neocommunist promotion, orphanages and Romanians who break the legislation abroad as movies. "This image is incomplete, outdated and really tough to alter," he provides.

Land-use professional Simon Anholt says this downside exists in lots of transformation economies. "Their emblem remains to be completely broken by the adverse imagery purchased beneath the Soviet Union," he says, "and nearly all of foreigners haven’t but up to date their notion. The one purpose Bulgaria and Poland reply higher [than Romania] is as a result of they’re higher organized and do one thing about it. "" Romania was a disgusting web site after a revolution and this was what was first despatched, "says Ioana Manea, managing director of the Trademark and Communications Group Loco. "This doesn't have the depth they use."

Communism and its outfall are additionally highly effective within the Western creativeness. Friends in Romania nonetheless include packet soups and Mars bars, to make use of as a forex. They’re additionally afraid to exit after 9 hours within the night. Anthropologist Vintila Mihailescu, director of the award-winning Russian Farmers' Affiliation, says that in comparison with different former communist states within the area, Romania nonetheless has an eye fixed for it, but a strong communist state seen signal. One thing that authorities and other people haven’t handled. "When an individual, a bunch, a nation doesn’t construct itself an image, it’s fired one, the primary one exists," he provides.

One other downside is the vacuum data that’s west of Romania. "Many European residents are confused between Budapest and Bucharest and Romania and Bulgaria," says Manea. "We deceive Nadia Comaneci with one thing concerning the world and that everybody is aware of Hagi," says Naumovici. "The Romans are too optimistic and see Romania as probably the most lovely place on the planet. Schooling is nearly it." We [Romanians] had been taught in main faculty that we hit the Turks, "he provides," that we will restore a automobile with a wine, however the Germans needed to wait to return from the manufacturing facility. "(Anca Pol, Ana-Maria Smadeanu and Michael Chook," Trademark License "February three, 2006, 39, Diploma – Bucharest

Wally Olins, a panorama professional apprentice, lately recommended that Romania may when creating a constructive side to fight adverse within the context of a world "model." "A part of Olins" philosophy appears to be one thing of jiu-jitsu, which makes lemon lemon, as he suggests with Nicolae Ceausescu & "Home of the Individuals." Like that or not, foreigners are interested by Romania. In response to Olins, "If I inform individuals I'm going to Bucharest, 20% suppose I'm going to Hungary [the Bucharest-Budapest confusion] one other 20% ask me what I'm going there and 15% ask me if I see Ceausescu Palace. "(Wally Olins, interview with Cosmin Popan," Romania devine model go stirea e, "Cotidianul, February 15 2007, on-line model). use what you might have, enable viewers or the market to find out the comparability outcome / worth … and waft.

Nicolae Carpathia

What? You by no means say to listen to Nicolae Carpathia? Take a look at him on the Web. Final time I did [late summer 2005] Nicolae Ceausescu had 67,000 web sites, Nicolae Carpathia 14,500! (In fact, nobody can activate Dracula, which weighs in at 2,270,000 Google hits!)

Effectively, if you happen to don't, you don't really feel that unhealthy, I didn't achieve this till lately. Nicolae Carpathia is an anti-Christ within the "left again" of the Evangelical Christian e-book sequence that explains the longer term imaginative and prescient of the longer term based mostly on the very particular studying of the New Testomony Revelation Bible Bible. During the last decade, greater than 60 million copies of the "Left Behind" sequence have been offered (Michael Standaert, LA Instances, Could 25, 2005)! A small budget-based funds got here out a couple of years after Kirk Cameron, a "juvenile coronary heart assault" on the tv sequence "Rising Ache" within the 1980s, Cameron himself was the early Christian.

Dr. Stu Johnson described "Nicolae Carpathia within the Apocalyse Sequence" in an article on posted Could 20, 2004:

Early within the Apocalypse Daybreak, met with the charismatic Carpathia:
Not all politicians had been pushing extra and larger weapons and extra and larger forces. Goose had heard of the United Nations consultant from Romania named Nicolae Carpathia. Surprisingly, Carpathia was pushing a ceasefire in its personal nation. On the time he had heard it, Goose had by no means thought it might occur. Romania was a part of Jap Europe, survived by the failed Soviet Communist firm, and hosted a variety of bloodthirsty dictators who had solely been deployed by an equally bloodthirsty navy revolt. Most navy scientists had thought that the nation can be clear in political turmoil and navy motion over a long time. As an alternative, Carpathia had begun to calm Romania, virtually like magic. [194590001] (Daybreak, pp. 47-48)

Johnson continues:

Later, we be taught extra concerning the Carpathia, the place Romanian satellites are rented to US forces to fill out gaps within the system , transmitted in chaos by the "reactions" [author's note: ie the Rapture where the “saved” are suddenly and inexplicably plucked from earth to heaven].

"I may give you entry to a different satellite tv for pc system," [said Cody].

Remington broke his frustration with the scenario. "Which satellites?"

"Satellites leased by the Romanian authorities," stated Cody. "One other satellite tv for pc that Nicolae Carpathia owns and has provided to be used."

Remington knew the identify. Carpathia was a world determine and a part of the rationale that UN peacekeepers and US navy rangers had been current within the nation. Carpathia had taken his land by storm and turn into the darling of the inhabitants over the previous few years after he left the place to begin. Yesterday, the President of Romania had dropped and recommended that the legislature appointed Carpathia as its new president [author's note: ie a clear Hindenburg-Hitler analogy here]. In surprising occasions, each homes had unanimously completed so. Previous to becoming a member of the Presidency in Romania, Carpathia had been a powerful businessman who had his finger on many worldwide trades. He has turn into wealthy. Remington was not shocked to be taught that Carpathia had invested closely in communications and satellites would have been one of the vital pure investments. (Daybreak, pp. 213-14).

In response to Michael Standaert in his evaluate of the most recent e-book within the sequence, "Initially, The Rising: Earlier than They Had been Left Behind" by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, "This prequel units Carpathia which confirms all stereotypically liberal "(Standaert, 2005). Certainly, Carpathia is the creation of a conspiracy group of "worldwide bankers" – could be a clear code for "Jews"? – and, if not sufficient, virtually unexpectedly radically proper authors' discipline statements had been supplied, and most of the sequence's readers, Carpathia, are "genetically engineered check youngsters with the DNA of two gay fathers" [!, the trifecta … how prosaic]. And Devil's forces use foreseeable cherished organizations and insurance policies which can be radical and correct "liberals" (ie left within the US political model) – United Nations, disarmament, peace battle and satellite tv for pc TV (considerably ironic, I’d add that That is utilized by evangelical fundraisers themselves! Clearly, right here is Ted Turner and never Ruppert Murdoch) to ascertain a tyrannical "one world battle".

The favored and media image of Romania shines within the nature of Nicolae Carpathia. It's a easy and frank, slick amalgam. Nicolae Ceausescu, "Genius of the Carpathians" … after which we get "Nicolae Carpathia." Preliminary constructive constructive dictator: he presents himself as a peacemaker, president of "disarmament," Israel's supporter (when he’s not actually), impartial worldwide collectors in tough instances. When the Ceauscus was executed on Christmas Day 1989, Russian media interviewed the interrogating "Antichrist is lifeless" (deconstructivists amongst Russian students at house and overseas wrote to former Communists utilizing cynically non secular languages ​​to clear their sins for residents and purchase credibility-this is an excessive amount of for me) interpretation.) Romania is written as a spot of chaos, navy motion and mysterious leaders and politics. And if that's not sufficient, the Carpathia political assistant is known as the Stolojan surname, it simply occurs, from the Romanian prime minister from September 1991 to November 1992. Nonetheless, one attention-grabbing distinction is tough for evangelicals to elucidate that wherees Ceausescu banned abortion, Carpathia is attributable to !

Presumably, and it might be attention-grabbing to see what Romanian evangelicals actually take into consideration the sequence, Romanian individuals haven’t been entertained by the selection of Romanian as an opponent of Christ on the finish of time! (Certainly, when Theodor Stolojan's political info rose once more in Romanian politics in early 2007, the day Cotidianul took the impact of the "left again" sequence in order that "while you take a look at the phrase" Stolojan & # 39; on the Web, the primary 5 outcomes confer with the letter within the e-book, "main the writer to the open." It’s unattainable to estimate how a lot Romania described within the e-book [for for them Romania] "(Barbu Mateescu," Stolojan, President of the late eroi negativi in ​​SUA, "Cotidianul, February 17, 2007 , on-line model.) In fact, the truth that this concept [Nicolae Ceausescu] is used is as a result of it exists – it says all the pieces Nicolae Carpathia is

Gymnasts, Acrobats and Circus Performers … Oh My !

Clearly, Nadia has been a template for all "gymnastics" based mostly images of Romanians in American popular culture since 1970. In 1989, a romantic comedy, "H is Alibi," The Czech mannequin Paulina Porazskova performs a Roman circus performer (acrobats are after dying, knowledgeable extension of gymnasts apparently) lacking and lacking on a personality Tom Selleck performs. The Securitate makes a movie within the movie and tries to forestall it from being flown, though if I bear in mind accurately, there appears to at all times be some political / cultural confusion / simplification within the script, with references to them as "kgb" or such.

Though it isn’t a lot perception, it’s attention-grabbing to think about within the context of her "Alibi" how Hollywood was (a) atmospheric, if he was relieving himself of geopolitical relations. The James Bond Movie Pageant is, after all, probably the most well-known of those and the comparative roles of Chinese language revolutionary Communists rising within the 1960s. Barbara Bach is just not solely a Russian devotee, however knowledgeable member of the "Spy Who Beloved Me (1977)," (the Soviet Union, nonetheless, since 1979) Moonraker ") and by returning to the straightforward identification of the Soviet Union and associated Jap Europeans (East Germans, the Czech Republic, and many others.) because the enemy of the nineties (apogee in movies as in life with the" Octopussy "fanatical Soviet Union from 1983 utilizing a faberge egg to spotlight western, settlement in jap Berlin, and many others.). With movies corresponding to "Purple Warmth (1988)," a typical companion, legislator, out of doors fanatic, anti-friends movie (see, for instance, Beverly Hills Cop (1984)) displaying the Soviet Union (Arnold Schwarzeneger, Austrian origin) and US (Jim Belushi, the Albanian origin, cops towards the politically appropriate well-being of the kingdoms in 1980, a menace to each the US and the Soviet societies they might agree on … in spite of everything about youngsters? , I consider the youngsters are our future …), Hollywood chosen to seek out extra politically appropriate errors.

In 1989, Gorbachev's Soviet Union was not a passionate villain; Romania Ceausescu, then again, was – it might be attention-grabbing to see how an identical script had been written a decade earlier than when Romania was on the prime of the West in a philosophical world. In fact, if the creation of fictional enemies, which satirically properly within the Austin Energy sequence, Kreplistan, will be annoying and remains to be a stereotype of the previous Soviet Union, from Ukraine to Central Asia, in quest of Hollywood For many unanimous – the toughest cashier's controversial workplace can backlash , particularly years later. See, for instance, Deputy Basic Center East enemies for the Soviet Union and others because the seventies. The selection, for instance, of "Libyan Terrorists" in 1985 "Again to the Future" might have appeared like "assured" one of many United States' official enemies, who had focused People in terror (such because the Berlin catastrophe bombings) and it had little or no Libyan (as a substitute of Arabic) a real-life group in america – however it’s clear that the backlash was removed from "protected". "It was apparent, when the Soviet Union died, the drug map turned prosaic and boring, and naturally the prototype" mafiya "within the east" mafiya "ran out. The immigration" Center East terrorists "turned" helpful. " "The US, partly, most likely wounds of anger directed towards it from the occasion, the money register purchased a choice of actual enemy action-thrillers within the post-Chilly Battle world.

The Seinfeld episode that launched this article-by Romanian players- cum-acrobat- "her alibi" and many others. requested me if there was any practical actuality which will have contributed to the beginning and progress of this stereotype. I’ve not in contrast the system to the state of the bugs from different Jap bloc international locations, however I did The Washington Publish and New York Instances have a quick take a look at this matter, and Romania's best-known "gymnastics bug" was Nadia himself in November 1989 and in 1981 she was a controversial Hungarian Hungarian coach Bela Karolyi, his spouse Martha and Russian choreographer Geza Pozar (based mostly on in November 1985, Acrobat, Andi Georgescu, who did r Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey, off (WP 11/22/85 A 30a, NYT 11/22/85 II three: 1). In April 1987, two 16-year-old Carmen Georgescu and Julia Catrinoiu, each gymnasts and acrobats, acquired political asylum (NYT four/9/87 II 7: 6, WP 2/24/87 A 14a). In August 1987, 4 acrobats in California purchased Ringling and Barnum and Bailey Asylum (NYT eight/eight/87). It’s attainable that, by means of this formation, the dialogue of such accidents, particularly within the metropolitan areas, may create this connection and picture, particularly among the many artistic students of america? In fact, as is the case in lots of examples described on this article, the issue of hen or egg, the place protection and a focus to those explicit sorts of lack of gymnastics / camels, from Romania, had already been conditioned by Nadia and Romanian gymnastics (in actual fact, in some circumstances, to the extent attainable, made "simpler", prone to acquire media protection and extra inflated to land that opinion had been sure to this situation).

The magical and mysterious

As a repository for the occult, for the depraved, for the mysterious religious world, Romania turned good for a US tv sequence at the start and mid-1990s. and Order "Securitate", a lawyer, says that his Russian immigration clerk, charged with homicide, is "not responsible of cultural madness" and claims to have been "break up into home violence" [!] . There’s, after all, lots of irony right here, that what within the American context might appear to be "understanding" – delicate to cultural issues, recognizing the social impression of particular person actions – would undoubtedly take a look at Todorova-like resentment over the basic "Balkan" stereotype. As well as, given the timing of the episode (Could 1993), one 12 months within the Bosnian battle, the arguments "cultural madness" performed properly in Kaplanesque "historic hatred", which was so widespread at the moment. And on prime of that, three of the primary characters within the episode with the final identify Iliescu!

The federal government in Romania was investigated higher in April 14, 1995 in "X-Information" the place conventional Romanian fertility dancers, "Calusari", needed to defend evil. On this episode, the Romanian language comes up once more. A person within the episode commented on Calusari: "In Romania, they’re liable for the right examination of holy liturgy." Episode capsule increase on its function in conspiracy:

When Steve Holvey is later killed in a wierd accident, ash from the scene is outlined as a substance referred to as Vibuti, a sacred ash that’s produced in a spirit being. Grandmother later dies whereas he’s defending Charlie and have to be cautious of Charlie. When a social employee asks Charlie concerning the incident, he says he's born Michael's two-year-old brother, killed her. That forestalls Maggie Holvey, who claims she by no means advised Charlie about her lifeless twins. It appears that evidently the household's solely hope is a wierd group of Romanian elders, referred to as The Calusari.

Unique and out of date are in full power: Bram Stoker Romania meets FBI chasers UFOs and supernatural.

"Romania Quintuplets" South Park Episode:
Movies of contemporary Romanian popular culture pictures in North America

Movies, typically unclean, have additionally used Romanian pictures for good. For instance, the British comedy sequence within the 1990s, "Completely Magnificent" through which the director, alcoholic, designer with a excessive upkeep cluster thirsts for her daughter, whom she proposes to a Romanian orphan, if her daughter is not going to provide her to a college check. The menace comes from when her assistant actually provides to the concept and Romanian orphaned youngsters who’re beginning to arrive ("Iso Tank", 10/three/92). Nonetheless, trifecta, Grand Slam, American (though the creator of the present is Canadian) pictures of Romanians – and one that’s really supposed, appears to be simply that — it's so-called "Romanian Quint (uplet)" "The Comedian E book's Historical past" South Park . "

The episode" South Park "from 2000 (Authentic Air Date: April 26, 2000) is a satire of Elian (aka Alien) Gonzalez story of the spring of that 12 months – an amazingly ridiculous forty-seven" tv present Cuba-based channel manufacturing, which tries to forestall a seven-year-old boy from returning to his father in Cuba, in a backlash, with your entire Florida get together within the 2000 election – and I'm not conscious of analysis that has particularly thought-about the matter regardless of for them to exist, one has to wonder if tv reveals of historical past and curiosity in Cuba and different communities in Florida might have contributed to some (although The South Park episode has orphaned Romanian gymnasts / acrobats from the Circus bug from Communist officers and nation described within the adverse phrases.

The episode comprises a variety of traits and stereotypes of (North) American pictures of Romanians. A Romanian girl is known as "Mrs. Vladchick", it’s attainable to imagine somewhat snake mixture of Vlad (Tepes, aka Dracula) and "chick" (additionally, which is a handy finish to some (particularly South) Slavic names in English). Names and Languages ​​are pseudo-slaves: Though one woman is called Nadia (clear descendants of the "Olympic Video games" 76), one other is called Baltania, however Mrs Vladchick holds a dialog in "Romanian" which relies on the next Gibberish: "Nid kelmin da bushka." It must also be famous that the notion of "quintuplets" -as-circus-show-for-viewing might have an effect on the story of 5 French Canadian sister-Dionne quintuplets handled on this means in Canada in 1930 with out a lot emphasis on Their future (the track was launched within the late 1990s and the creator of the present is Canadian, so this is perhaps the hyperlink).

TV-reporter describes the background and scene that Mrs Vladchick Quintuplets from the "Cirque de Cheville" journey galla:

Hér standa ég heima í South Park þar sem fimm dýrmætur litlar stelpur hafa verið bjargaðir frá Rúmeníu. Móðirin fer í burtu fyr ir nokkrum mánuðum, og síðan dó móðir hans að reyna að koma þeim með. En allt er vel núna, og fólk kemur frá öllum landinu til að skoða litla tykurnar. [someone takes a picture] Ef þú vilt koma niður og heimsækja quintuplets er inntaka aðeins $ 5 og fyrir nokkra dollara meira ["FEEDTHEQUINTS!OneDollar"geturþúfóðraðþærfiskestikur

A Quint: [hops upp og niður, þá opnar munninn fyrir fiskpuna sem maðurinn fellur niður] Mmm.

Fréttaritari: Tom, það lítur út fyrir að þessar sætu litlu stúlkur hafa gert það úr þeim handarkrika sem þeir kalla Rúmeníu.

[Romania, day. Government officials watch the report in a run-down office]

Fréttaritari: Já, til hamingju fyrir þá, þurfa þessir quintuplets ekki lengur að lifa í
Rúmeníu, rassgat heimsins. [a last shot of the quints is seen] Til baka til þín, Tom.

Forseti: Þetta er ekki gott. It makes our nation look poor and silly.

Romanian Official: This might kill our tourism.

President: You understand what to do. [they salute him and leave.]

(writer's notice: from Episode 403 “The Quintuplets,” script will be discovered on-line at many websites, for instance, []captions as present in script).

In a later scene, one of many South Park youngsters, Cartman, tries to persuade the quints that they don't wish to return to Romania, by saying, “In Romania they only oppress you and attempt to carry you down.” All is for naught, nonetheless, for, as with Elian Gonzalez, the Quints' father comes ahead, and (then Legal professional Basic) Janet Reno descends on Easter Sunday in an Easter Bunny go well with, seizing the ladies at gunpoint with well-armed troopers within the background.

“Vlad,” orphans, gymnasts/acrobats, Romania as a poverty-stricken nation depending on vacationer revenues and run by a senseless, oppressive forms and an aggressive president—the pictures/stereotypes are all right here. Mockingly, South Park and this episode are maybe extra bent on satirizing (North) American society and the hypocrisy, absurdity, and sanctimony of politicians, particular curiosity teams, and the media. But, with Romania as prop, they reach making a “excellent storm” of kitsch Romanian pop-culture iconography (though in reality, political correctness is at all times a goal, by no means a shackle for the cartoon's creators).

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