Getting energy by destroying

Get vitality, renewable, clear, pleasant (not harmful), cheaper, by destroying. For instance, elimination of electrons with anti-electron (positron). Electrons and positrons are obtained by subtracting them from atoms; extract, eat little vitality. Then the 2 particles strategy one another (collision). Holds the phenomenon of abolition, when the remainder mass is transformed into vitality (gamma images). Uncover gamma images, as many must obtain whole vitality of electrons and positron (resting vitality and kinetics); Normally two or three gamma particles will be obtained (when we now have a decrease degradation, ie two antibodies with much less vitality, every with solely extra relaxation mass, ie the particles pace at low velocity) however we will get extra particles when we now have a whole lot of degradation (ie, when the particle vitality is excessive and the particles had been a lot sooner for the collision).

Restorative electron-positron pairs exclude barely 1 MeV (what’s a really massive vitality from some small particles, comparable vitality by combining two a lot bigger particles and having resting lots about 2000 instances larger). Right here is the nice benefit of a brand new technique proposed, which if probably the most advanced bodily phenomenon up to now, may penetrate into the fabric vitality (scorching or chilly fusion), solely cut back the hundreds of residual particles, ensuing within the merging of two particles. The vitality hole between the vitality sources ought to be free and their vitality when mixed, the proposed technique of compressing nearly all inside vitality particles annotated. We began the electronics proteins as a result of these small particles are simply extracted from the atoms (the atoms are then instantly restored naturally, which determines the character of renewable vitality from the degradation of particles).

The following step is to check the elimination between proton and antigen as a result of their numbers are about 1800 instances better than the electron and positron, which causes them to be destroyed as vitality roughly 1000 instances larger, ie. . as a substitute of 1 MeV, 1 GeV (thought of the one actual vitality, the vitality produced by the proton of the hydrogen ion, however the vitality supply is believed to present us nearly fully, as a result of now due to getting In the present day antigen we now have to speed up some particles nice vitality after which click on on them). So, the precise comparability between deuterons fusion and the elimination of hydrogen ion (proton) processes should be achieved by antigen. There will probably be a distinction in vitality of about 1000 instances per pair of particles used for the elimination course of. Actually, it understands the dream of lowering vitality from all issues. One other nice benefit of this technique is that there isn’t a radioactive materials and no radioactive waste from the method. From this course of we solely get gamma images (ie vitality) and probably different secure small particles. The method doesn’t create any risk to people and the surroundings. The vitality produced is clear. The know-how required is far less complicated than nuclear (splitting or merging), cheaper and simpler to keep up. Sufficient vitality is given by eradicating processes (nearly limitless), cheap, clear, secure, fast (sustainable) and easy know-how.

We are able to cut back the vitality of the residual mass of electrons. For a pair of electrons and positron, this vitality is about 1 MeV. The "Synchrotron radiation (Synchrotron mild supply)" produces a suspended radiation supply. Electrons are accelerated to excessive speeds in a number of phases to realize remaining vitality (normally within the GeV vary). We want two synchrotrons, synchrotrons for electrons and one other that accelerates positrons. The particles must collide after they’re accelerated to the specified vitality. All vitality is collected upon departure of Synchrotrons, relying on the affect of the particulate matter. We are going to regain the pace of vitality, in addition to gathering the vitality of electrons and positrons.

At frequencies of 10 ^ 19 electrons / s, we get about 7 GWh / yr of vitality, even when solely half of potential collisions are produced. This excessive ratio will be obtained with 60 pulses per minute and 10 ^ 19 electrons per pulse, or with 600 pulses per minute and 10 ^ 18 electrons per pulse. If we enhance the move fee 1,000 instances, we will have an vitality of about 7 TWh / yr. The sort of vitality will be complementary to the fusion vitality, and collectively they’ve to interchange the vitality obtained with burning carbohydrates.

Benefits of canceling electrons with positivity, in comparison with the nuclear reactors, are the disposal of radioactive waste, danger of explosion and chain response.
Power from the remainder of the electron is simpler to manage in comparison with fusion reactions, chilly or scorching.

Now we don’t want enriched enriched radio (resembling in nuclear weapons), with deuterium, lithium and quick neutrons (resembling in chilly fusion), excessive temperature and stress (resembling in scorching fusion), and so on.


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