Caresheet for Nose-horned Viper, Vipera Ammodytes

Data / Care

Origin / Spreading:

o Italy, Austria ,,, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia-Montenegro, Bosnia-
Herzegovina, Macedonia, some Adriatic, Ionian and Aegean islands, Albania,
Greece, Turkey and Transcaucasia.


o Vipera ammodytes gregorwallneri: Southern to Japanese Austria and to Slovenia.
Not a subspecies anymore

o Vipera ammodytes meridionalis: Southern Macedonia southern Albania, Greece to western European Turkey.

o Vipera ammodytes montandoni: Romania, Northern Bulgaria (to the Black Sea) to
European Turkey.

o Vipera ammodytes ruffoi: Solely environment of Bolzano, Alto Adige Italy. Not a
subspecies anymore.

o Vipera ammodytes transcaucasiana: Northern and western coastal close to Turkey
to Caucasus.

This robust, closely constructed snake makes as much as 80 cm lengthy, some people reaches simply over 95 cm. Males are bigger than females. It has a typical triangular head that units off neatly from the slim neck. On the pinnacle tip they’ve a diagonally ahead organized angle. 21-23 keeled scalerows. Each paint and
females have a dorsal zigzag band. Are brighter in coloration than females
and have sharper markings on the dorsal zigzag band.


o They like heat, dry areas like rocky bushy slopes, and may also be present in fringe of woods or in glades. May be discovered as excessive as 2000 meters above sea degree.
They’re lively throughout daytime to nightfall and like sunny locations.


o The animals will not be aggressive usually. In case of disturbance they elevate loudly
and chunk typically. Allways act these species with hook or tongue !! By no means "free
act" !!


o Theese needs to be saved in medium sized cages on a mix of sand, lame
and forest earth. Inside with massive stones / slabs and roots / branches to make it
look pure, ensure that there are hiding locations.

o SECURITYTIP: Be sure that the terrarium is about up in a method that makes you capable of see the entire inside space with out opening it. That method you may all the time depend "in" your animal / s, in order that you don’t change into shocked by a snake

o A ingesting container with contemporary water is required always.

o Temperatures between 24-28ºC, with a basking pot beneath witch 32-35ºC
reached. Temperatures dropping at night time to 20ºC. Spray gently with water within the morning, a bit further within the night when the animal / s are shedding.

o No UV-B nutritional vitamins / lighting are required for the species.


o The species requires a hibernation interval for about Eight-10 weeks at temperatures
between Zero-7 ° C. Livebearers, 5-18 younger which can be 15-22 cm lengthy at delivery. Males
wrestle with one another earlier than mating with the feminine. Mating season within the
nature is April to Could, in captivity 1-Three weeks after hibernation is about and the
males have shed.


o The poison might be the strongest of the European vipers, apart from
Macrovipera Swiss and Montivipera xanthina. Haematoxin. Life-threatening
or significantly bites are expressed uncommon, often it involves native signs or inoxication. Ache is often robust, and swapping happens inside 2 hours of time.
Among the many common signs of toxox one ranks: vomiting, beating of the center, cramps, shock, presumably swindles and unconsciousness.
In case of chunk, go to nearest hospital instantly!


o Mice, younger rats. Within the nature they eat rodents, hardly ever lizards and birds.

Good luck along with your animal!

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