Berber Stones – What They Are and How to Find Them

Berber and Jewellery

Berber jewellery is known world wide. Berbers, native to Morocco, are a residing nation with a wealthy historical past of customs and crafts. Berber jewellery is a mix of influences from North Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe.

Jewellery is essential for Berber tradition. The jewellery girl wears is aware of her standing within the tribe: as a member of the household, as an indication of her wealth, and as a symbolic safety for her well-being. Males and youngsters additionally put on jewelery as they’re essential talismans.

Berber jewellery is all the time manufactured from silver, the place gold is taken into account evil. Berber jewellery is surprisingly symmetrical and geometric. Berber jewelery can also be well-known for lovely enamel and niello know-how.

Necklaces are essential and have talismans of silver, pink coral, amazonite, amber, Czech glass and West African ebony pearls. These talismans are extraordinarily essential as they supply protecting, therapeutic and magical properties. Berber silver charms provide safety from the evil eye, illness and misfortune. It’s believed that silver cures rheumatism; coral represents fertility; and amber is worn as an emblem of wealth and love. Amazonite and Carnelian stones are used to find out the destiny and shells of East Africa signify fertility. Bracelets, fibulas (elaborate triangular leaflets) ankles, earrings and headdresses are additionally well-liked items.

Many attention-grabbing characters and patterns are in Berber artwork. There are scrolls harking back to Celtic motifs. Slightly repeated "v" raises a twig of flour. The image "A" reveals a person along with his arms raised and is the image of Berber's tongue and nation, the Amazighs. One other widespread signal is the triangle that represents the tent and the household. The motif of animals, solar, moon and stars has supernatural powers. The hand of Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Mohammad, is an indication that lives away from the evil eye. Each description available represents man's creativity and dominance. Berbers comprise these symbols as a part of their tradition and custom.

Berber jewellery is a present stopper. In Morocco, ladies put on layers and layers of colourful and daring necklaces and equipment with unconventional bracelets, ankles, earrings and headdresses. You may put on this newest development by sporting these daring necklaces as a press release device in your costume. Brilliant colourful corals, amber and amazons will distinguish you.

Real Berber jewellery is often onerous to search out except you go to Morocco. There you may determine older, distinctive works by their particulars; the items are usually bigger and heavier, usually with larger element. These works are thought-about antiques and are extremely wanted by collectors. Nonetheless, standard strategies nonetheless exist and can be utilized individually. For cheaper works, trendy works have extra daring design, brighter stones and fewer weight. These are additionally lovely and are an reasonably priced method to make use of this conventional artwork type.

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