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"After studying the Hungarian language for years, I can conclude that Hungarian was my native language, it might have been extra useful. The key of trembling feelings." Such commendation by the Irish noble author of the Nobel Prize, George Bernard Shaw gloriously factors out the individuality of Hungarian (or as Hungarians name it, Magyar) language. It’s distinctive, as a result of Hungarian is an remoted language and has no kinfolk in Europe. The place are the roots of this unusual and fantastic language then?

Hungarian belongs to Finno-Ugric department of the Ural household. Finnish and Estonian are additionally members of this group. To show their frequent origin, Estonian philosophers found a phrase just like singing in one in every of these three languages:

  • & # 39; Dwell fish swim underwater. & # 39;
  • Estonian: Elav kala ujub vee all.
  • Finnish: Elävä kala ui wooden.
  • Hungarian: Eleven hal onszik a víz alatt.

Regardless of this obvious connection, Hungarians don’t perceive Finnish or Estonian and vice versa. This, in flip, signifies that Finnish and Estonian aren’t Hungarian kinfolk.

Following a deeper examine, it was concluded that Hungarian is rather more carefully associated to the Mansi and Khanty languages, which originate in Siberia and the Urals. It’s predicted that Hungarians broke their bonds with these Ob-Ural languages ​​some 2500-3000 years in the past when Hungarian ancestors settled within the Carpathian Palace. Even earlier than this, Hungarian was influenced by the Iranian and Turkish penalties of the ancestors & # 39; speaking with these nations of their seek for a house nation. Over the centuries, resulting from historic penalties, she recorded phrases from different languages ​​comparable to German, Italian, French or English. The 152-year Turkish regime between 1544 and 1686 additional expanded the Hungarian vocabulary to incorporate Turkish phrases. For instance, the phrase & # 39; I’ve a variety of small apples in my pocket & # 39; may be very comparable in these two languages:

  • Turkish: Cebimde cok kücük elma var
  • Hungarian: Zsebemben sok kicsi alma van.

Moreover, the geographical location of Hungary implies that it collected some phrases of Slavic origin. Nevertheless, Hungarian nations have additionally affected these neighboring nations. There are indications of this in Croatian and Serbian:

  • Boot – in Croatian it’s cizma however in Hungarian it’s csizma
  • Spade-in Serbian it’s asov whereas it’s on Hungarian is just too.

A very powerful English phrase from Hungarian origin is & # 39; coach & # 39; after the Hungarian village of Kocs, the place trainers had been invented and first used.

The primary first publication of Hungarian was written in 1190. It consists of 26 strains of speech written for funerals and 6 strains of prayer for the deceased. The primary trace of Hungarian poetry is from 1300, which can be the oldest Finno-Ugric poem remaining. Since each the funeral and the poem had been translated from Latin with the Latin alphabet consisting of solely 26 letters, studying these works may be very troublesome for contemporary Hungarians. The primary e book, written solely in Hungarian, was printed in Krakow in 1533 and accommodates translations of St. Paul's letters. (Nonetheless, these details don’t essentially show that Hungarian literature didn’t exist within the 12th century.) It’s argued that within the 17th century, Hungarian language took on a kind that extra and fewer resembles these spoken in the present day. Within the subsequent century, due to the nice ethical motion of writers, it developed additional and modernized. Throughout this part, the vocabulary of Hungarian was enormously elevated, most of the beforehand modified phrases had been modified and a few historic and unknown phrases had been re-used.

Hungarian is the official language of Hungary, a small nation within the coronary heart of Europe with a inhabitants of about 10 million. Nevertheless, additionally it is spoken in Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and resulting from a major variety of immigrants in North America. General, solely 15 million folks worldwide are estimated to have the flexibility to speak in Hungarian, which foreigners take into account to be one of the troublesome languages. That is due to advanced grammar and strange letters that may be troublesome to pronounce.

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