Where did the Romans come from?

They appear to have simply appeared within the historical past ebook, however few consider the place they originate. They had been neither indigenous to Italy nor Europe as a result of they got here from Assyria in Asia. It took analysis and even genetic analysis to show who they had been and why they had been violent, invaders, and damaging folks whose conduct exhibits them.

They had been Amors who lived in Babylon and worshiped the solar star, Mari, as they God. Town was a rising space of ​​Islamic faith and it was moved with them wherever they went. Ziggurats helped create the star. Their subsequent capital was Mari, destroyed by an earthquake earlier than invading Italy.

They had been liable for the defeat of Egypt and had worn out another civilizations or taken them on their method throughout the Mediterranean. In Italy constructed the subsequent capital, Roma. Flip that identify round and you’ve got Amor.

They continued to assault, homicide, steal and slave as they made their method via the wealthy agricultural provinces of France, Spain in the UK, southern Germany and all locations in between. They constructed their empire on the coastal areas of the ocean after which east via Romania, Turkey, Greece and so forth.

It was an important empire and solely their cruelty and abilities that troopers and choose dictators allowed them to reach Eight-9 a long time. Finally, their efficiency diminished, however scientists consider it was as a result of volcanic eruption in Indonesia that put the earth in a steady winter for a number of years. This drained the empire of wealth and created the darkness.

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