The Black Sea Triangle

Earthquake shifts in worldwide energy wrestle between the West and the BRICS of the world have moved to Central Europe. Russian and navy equipment is dealing with one another in what was, till lately, a sea of ​​little curiosity to us.

We've all heard of the Bermuda Triangle, a mysterious sea the place ships and planes disappear. Few have heard of the Black Sea Vortex. May an inexplicable disappearance of a Russian or NATO warship result in a battle that would depart Western Europe and america glass-bursting with a thermoplastic shell?

Turkish sailors had been the primary to name consideration to the so-called Black Sea Vortex of Dying. The placement is Snake Island within the Danube Delta. For hundreds of years, the world has been a supply of pressure between Ukraine and Romania, however is now of far better significance.

Traditionally, Russian sailors have been cautious of the disappearance of ships because the 13th century. They choose up a whirlpool of white water that swallows every little thing on and over this sea, even chicken flight.

Are these fancy flights or is there one thing in such tales? Russian and Ukrainian scientists agree. The world exhibits magnetic anomalies. This data got here to gentle when the Soviet Pink Military report Could 1944 warship had disappeared with out hint. In broad daylight and ideal sea circumstances, the very armed Russian cruise merely disappeared when south of the Crimea.

The commander of the injury was notified by the commander of the accompanying warship. His report stated of the & # 39; a black fog and a lightning bolt that when it peeled the left horizon clear & # 39; The Soviet military was incomprehensibly gone. There was no wreckage, no hint, no proof of its earlier existence.

In December 1945, 5 Soviet bombers disappeared over the world. They left no traces or explanations. The final radio message picked up a thick fog that blocked its cabin.

Equally unusual was the disappearance of eighty oil rig staff as lately as 1991. The connection between the coast and the tools abruptly ceased. Repeated makes an attempt to contact the tools had been futile.

Submitted for investigation found navy corps retrieval platform the place there have been no seen and no indicators of malfunction. The world was combed however nothing was discovered. This incident is analogous to the Mary Celeste incident that occurred in 1872.

Unexplained human disappearance remains to be widespread right now. I keep in mind that time once we had been docking within the Pink Sea in 1962, and we sailors had been speaking in regards to the cruise that’s subsequent to us. The climate was blissfully calm.

This adjoining deserted ship sailed the night time earlier than our departure. That night time, each the ferry and the passengers disappeared. We had been advised that the ferry was the sufferer of a disgusting electrical energy storm. I heard no extra. The ocean is a really mysterious place.

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